Honesty and respect towards all stakeholders form the basis of our culture and are the reason for our success.

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Environmental protection and social responsibility

We know our responsibilities towards our planet and consider environmental impact in our decisions.

That is why we promote social equality and fair and safe working conditions combined with the protection of the environment in the countries we operate in.

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We are family

Playing makes children happy. Even more, playing is mother nature’s tutorial for life. While children play, they discover their talents and develop their skills.

With our products we are part of a child’s development right from the beginning. That is our obligation. And our love for play enables us to fulfill this passion.

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Business is people

The most successful corporations are those who cultivate their leading edge with great care. We are convinced: our edge in competition are the people.

Our global team is our strongest asset, and we aim to create an environment where everyone is able to grow constantly and enjoys being part of our group.

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We are passionate about toys and strive to create emotions.